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you go-to-market faster!

Want to respond to the new normal in a flexible, responsive and cost-effective manner? We got you!

Partnering with UpThink will allow you to:


Ramp Up Your Online Course Offerings Without Going on a Hiring Spree


Offer Remote Teaching Assistance Without Investing in New Technology


Transition business processes with 0 disruption and put course management on auto-pilot

With UpThink you can hit the ground running. When you sign up to partner with UpThink, you get access to a large pool of qualified and experienced experts. And, we are proud of having on board 200+ full time, subject matter experts in our employ, offering instruction across 100+ different courses, with a focus on STEM subjects and Data Science.

Subject Matter Expertise Lies At the
Heart of Everything We Do!


200+ Full Time Subject Matter Experts, with a 100% success rate during client screening

All One

All on
ONE Platform


100+ different courses, with a focus on STEM subjects and Data Science

72 hours is all it takes for you to transform and turbocharge your business. We are able to make such a big difference in such a short time because we have invested in our people, consistently, for over a decade now. not surprisingly, our people love us, with the average employee working with us for 8+ years, and our clients value and recognize the advantage UpThink brings.

How We
Measure Up

UpThink enables online learning institutions to become cost-effective and provide a better experience for students, in a readily scalable manner. Are you a stakeholder or decision maker interested in the stories numbers tell? Here is how UpThink can have a positive impact on your bottom line.


Expect a cost
reduction of
upto 50%


Increase ROI
by 50%


Cut down on administrative, hiring, training and retention costs

UpThink offers partners a way to build capacity, rapidly. Be it setting up new courses, offering uninterrupted, on-demand assistance to students, or extending support to faculty, overnight, you can rely on UpThink to be more agile, flexible and responsive.


Rapid turnaround in
under < 15 hours


Recruit 5+ Subject Matter
Experts, Every Month


2 to 100 SMEs
in 18 Months


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Every client is different for us, and we do not believe in a cookie cutter approach to client servicing. Depending on your needs, we will consult and co-create a service offering which works for you and your business

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Who We Are

Top American Universities, Academic Publishers & Online Learning Platforms Trust UpThink To Turbocharge every Aspect of Remote Learning


Highly experienced leadership team


20 Years of Experience


500+ Courses managed


500,000 Essays evaluated


2 Million+ Learning Hours Delivered

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Both the instructor, Mr. Anthony Babinec, and the Teaching Assistant, Shweta, were outstanding: incredibly responsive both in terms of the promptness of the replies to questions and in the clear, detailed explanations in their responses.

Anuja, our teaching assistant, was superb, providing timely help and support when needed.

Mr. Babinec and Assistant Teacher Shweta provided incredibly responsive, detailed, thought-provoking responses to the discussion board questions.

Feedback and responses were incredibly rapid (no small feat, given time differences!), detailed, and encouraging.;

I thought the instructor, the software help instructor and the TA were very professional, supportive and encouraging.

Shweta did an amazing job providing helpful comments when checking the assignments; I'm very pleased with her professionalism.;

Anuja Pujari was diligent in reviewing interim work and helped ensure that I had a complete understanding of course material.

The assistant teacher, Shweta, was very helpful in providing additional information (links) to more specific Weka topics. That was a bonus.

The teaching assistant was extremely helpful, especially in providing interim feedback on assignments.

Kalyani assistance in this class has been great! It really made a difference in me learning the material. The TA support and dedication were extremely valuable! Thank you, Kalyani again!

I thoroughly enjoyed the course and the additional learnings from and interaction with Shweta, the Assistant Teacher.

The assistant teacher was very helpful in responding to homework questions and giving feedback on homework.

The Assistant Teacher, Kalyani, also helped to motivate me to keep me interested in completing the course when things got a bit complex for me :-)

I really appreciate the TA for these courses. The support offered has been awesome and I couldn't successfully learn these materials with that them

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