Our Services


The UpThink Approach

Partnering with UpThink will help you enhance every aspect of the learning journey for students. We will help you design, develop and enhance course content, to meet the demands of both learners and teachers, and deliver this material in an effective manner, across learning management systems, including Moodle, Canvas and Blackboard

Our approach is LMS agnostic, which is to say that we pride ourselves on being able to quickly adapt to any platform. Our experience with different systems allows us to focus on improving the student experience, in academic and administrative contexts, and we remain committed to improving the quality of the course, irrespective of the technology used to deliver it.


Rapid assistance in course development, in under 72 hours


Metrics to measure student success and experience, across touchpoints


Support for Latex, MML and more


Robust data analytics to measure course efficacy

Our core strengths lie in the STEM domain, with UpThink offering accessing industry-best content, across 100+ subjects

UpThink Services


Remote Teaching Assistance

Want to support your existing faculty in actionable ways? UpThink offers you a way to reduce the strain on your teaching staff in a cost effective and seamless manner, throughout the academic year. When you sign up for Teaching Assistance, you get:

On-demand, remote teaching assistance, 24/7, 365 days a year (Live or Asynchronous)

Access to experience faculty who are very familiar with US-curriculum needs

Access to a readymade pool of experienced STEM tutors, who are experts in their fields


Digital Content Development

From concept to classroom, UpThink makes it easy for you to develop and roll out digital courses, in an agile and flexible manner, so you are always ready to cater to changing market demands. We come on board as consultants to:

Create course material to suit your needs, with a special focus on STEM courses

Provide ready-to-use question banks and assessment tools

Offer model answer sheets, problem solving guides and more


Online Course Management

Reach out to us to make course management simple and seamless. We offer end-to-end support so your courses can run on auto pilot, once set up. You can rely on us for:

Grading assistance

End-to-end administrative support


Remote Student Support

Improving learning outcomes and delivering a superior experience for students is a goal we share with our clients. Irrespective of the size of your organization, you can serve individual students better, by signing up for remote student support. At UpThink we offer learners:

Personalized feedback and help in identifying areas for improvement

Online support to clarify queries and doubts, for improved comprehension

Asynchronous student support


Online Writing Lab

Offer your learners access to high-quality writing assistance for:

Literary Analysis

Documentation Assistance

Rubric-based grading

We also offer standalone services, including:

QA services for digital content

Tool-based assistance (for MML, Latex, Raptor and more)

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